[rt-users] [Fwd: [fsck.com #8625] Bug found: no documentation on REST interface]

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Fri Nov 2 21:54:19 EDT 2007

What a sweetheart! Just ignore him Jesse. I know I will!

On 11/2/07, Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> wrote:
> Way to ruin an opensource developer's evening #1. File a "bug report"
> like this.
> Does anyone here happen to know 'Brian Kroger' is or why he has such a
> problem interacting with an open source project like an adult?
> -j
> Fri Nov 02 19:39:46 2007: Request 8625 was acted upon.
> Transaction: Ticket created by bryan.kroger at gmail.com
>        Queue: rt3
>      Subject: Bug found: no documentation on REST interface
>        Owner: Nobody
>   Requestors: bryan.kroger at gmail.com
>       Status: new
>  Ticket <URL: http://rt3.fsck.com//Ticket/Display.html?id=8625 >
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> You idiots seemed to have left out the documentation for your REST
> interface.
> If all google can find in the way of manuals for your water head abortion
> you call a ticketing system is a freakin MICROSOFT DOC FILE you know you've
> sunk to new lows.
> http://download.bestpractical.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/WebRT%2520Manual%2520-%2520User%2520Guide%2520share.doc
> Wow guys, you rock!  That's raising the bar all the way up to "polished
> turd" level!  Grats!
> I work for a very large social networking company and apparently pissed off
> someone enough that I'm being punished by having to figure out how to use
> your "software."  You guys really make the case for creating laws that ban
> certain people from ever touching a keyboard.  Like you, I agree that
> punishment of this degree continues cruel and unusual punishment, but
> whatever.
> Take that how you will, your site sucks, your software sucks, and your more
> then welcome to blast off on me all you want.  It's not going to change the
> fact that you apes are the fungal infection on the ball sack of humanity.
> Have a great fucking day!
> --
> -Krogebry
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