[rt-users] [Fwd: [fsck.com #8625] Bug found: no documentation on REST interface]

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Nov 5 13:15:17 EST 2007

To all (including YOU Brian),

	I found Jesse's response to Brian's diatribe an indication of extreme 
patience (after all, he has had to deal with me before, he he). I went 
to Brian's little blog site and realized that he views himself as a 
really sensitive guy (several of his blogs show sincere concern for 
animals and the love of his life) in a world where only a few understand 
him and his greatness and the rest are either incredibly stupid OR they 
are sinister and are out to get him. HHHHHMMMMMM, does the term "manic 
depressive" or "split personality" mean anything in this context? Brian, 
you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to see a good counselor, get on some 
medication, and work on the concept that maybe, just maybe, "YOU'RE the 
one with the problem" even once in awhile. I admit that there are a 
great deal of idiots in the world (hence the concept and term "Bell 
Curve"), and that we live in a society that allows these "bubble heads", 
a term I use for most of the drivers I run into (they are only aware of 
the world within the tiny bubble that encircles a 3 foot diameter around 
them) to thrive, even to the point of making laws that protect the 
weaker and mediocre of our species. However, you cannot possibly be in 
touch with reality if you truly believe that EVERYONE around you is at 
fault or CAUSE of the problem. I'd advise you to "Look at yourself" to 
see what you are truly saying, but that would be a mistake as you 
already exhibit indications that you are "out of touch" with reality. In 
this world we work in ("computer" people), there will still be some of 
these "lesser" individuals you so adamantly believe you have identified 
as everyone else but you, however, the majority of us REALLY, REALLY, 
REALLY are as smart as you and believe it or not (I'm sure you won't 
right now until you get some help) some of us are even SMARTER than you. 
All you have done by sending out this incredibly "manic" vitriol is 
identify yourself as someone to be ignored (at best) by some and mocked 
as a fool by others. Whatever your intent was when you sent out your 
incredibly short-sighted and self-delusional comments, you FAILED!! 
	Jesse, you have heard me complain before (sorting queries by Custom 
Fields) and even though I believe I had a point or two, I am not only 
using your system aggressively, I highly recommend it to anyone who 
needs any kind of tracking/audit (history) mechanism. I've been in this 
computer world (we use to call it Data Processing) for several (more 
than 3) decades (I have written code in more than 30 languages) and the 
only complaint I really have is that it HAS evolved a little too fast 
for the documentation (and good QA testing) to keep up. But sometimes 
that IS the price of progress. I think you have a REALLY fine tool and 
it is designed so well, with it's flexibility (perl scrips, global/queue 
rights, etc) that I am having a blast administrating it here at my place 
of employment. When I retire in a few years, I hope to do a little 
consulting on the side helping other companies set up RT and use it like 
we are here.
	Keep up the good work and KNOW that the one guy who IS marching out of 
step with the rest of the group is NOT correct, even though his mom 
thinks so.


On 11/2/2007 6:21 PM, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> Way to ruin an opensource developer's evening #1. File a "bug report"
> like this.
> Does anyone here happen to know 'Brian Kroger' is or why he has such a
> problem interacting with an open source project like an adult?
> -j
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