[rt-users] Hiding Reminder Section? Also Watchers, Approval?

Christopher Short cshort at n6.com.au
Tue Nov 13 03:32:04 EST 2007

Hi there,
I'm currently setting up rights for the main users of of our RT installation.
On a run-through with one of them, they were confused and distracted by several sections which we won't be using but are featured rather prominently on the site.
These were:
                * the "Reminder" section on Tickets
                * the "New Watchers" section on the "People" tab of a Ticket
                * The "Approval" link on the menu bar.

I'm hoping hiding these sections are as easy as removing certain rights for those user groups, especially as we'd probably still like the sysadmin to have the ability to add Watchers. Note that these ordinary users don't have the Watch or WatchAsAdminCC rights, so it seems strange that they can add Watchers (even themselves).

I dread hearing that the only answer is hiding those sections with CSS.

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