[rt-users] Merged tickets very slow

Daniel Jennings dfj at thermeon.com
Mon Nov 26 03:52:16 EST 2007

The issue isn't really the output, its the 30 to 40 seconds it takes to load
the ticket. I guess though it maybe nice not to see it fill up the log all
the itme. 

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I have seen them a lot too, even created small patch to mute them away:

>grep -i merged /rt/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm
Set($MuteWeFoundMergedTicket, "1");

>> Hi,
>> We have an issue with merged tickets taking a very long time to load, 
>> up to 30 seconds. The sub TicketOverloay::Load is called a lot, 
>> logging 6000 lines of 'found merged ticket'.
>> Is this just how it works or is there a problem here?
> That sounds like a problem. I haven't seen that before.

Boris Lytochkin,
JSC e-port, Moscow



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