[rt-users] take and resolve actions via email

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Nov 26 11:28:58 EST 2007

Hi Askar,

This doesn't answer your question about special features, but it does tell 
you a way to do what you want to do.

I resolve tickets via e-mail using 3.6.3 with a fairly simple scrip.  When 
someone opens a ticket, I send out 2 e-mails.  The first goes to the user 
who opened it - they get login credentials so they can look at the 
ticket.  The second goes to the AdminCc list for the queue to notify them 
that there's a new ticket in the queue.  If a reply comes in for that 
ticket, and the sender is one of the AdminCc, and the first line of the 
e-mail is "Ok", then my scrip sets the ticket owner to the person who sent 
the message and the status to resolved.  Otherwise the message just gets 
attached to the ticket.  It would be simple to modify a scrip like that to 
do a "take" as well.

If you're interested in following this trail, let me know.


At 06:55 AM 11/22/2007, Asrai khn wrote:
>while reading RT3 FAQs found that ...
>A2: RT 3.5 has support for take and resolve actions in rt-mailgate
>script, you can use them, but you should enable them in config.
>Wondering what to change in RT_SiteConfig.pm and can someone give me
>an examples of how to 'take' 'resolve' tickets via email, I know how
>to open new tickets in specific queue using mail.
>Thanks. Askar

Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University 

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