[rt-users] sending an email to requestor when request leaves a certain queue

Gary Wilson Jr. gdub at ece.utexas.edu
Mon Nov 26 15:53:17 EST 2007

In my organization we have an L1 queue for level one support.  All 
requests are dumped here first.  If the level one support team cannot 
complete the request, the request is moved to one of several L2 support 

When a request is moved from the L1 queue to any of the L2 queues, I 
would like for an email to be sent to requestors telling them their 
request has be escalated.

After a little research I found out that "On Queue Change" scrips only 
run on the queue the request is being moved to and not the queue the 
request is being moved from, which ruled out creating a queue scrip.  So 
I created the following global scrip:

Description: Notify requestor on L2 escalation
Condition: User Defined
Action: Notify Requestors
Template: Global template: L2 Escalation
Stage: TransactionCreate

Custom condition:
if ($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "Set"
     && $self->TransactionObj->Field eq "Queue"
     && $self->TransactionObj->OldValue eq "8")
     {return 1;}
     {return 0;}

Notice that I also created a global template for this scrip to use, 
which looks something like:

Name: L2 Escalation
Description: Email sent to requestors when their issue is escalated to 
L2 support
Content: Your help request has been escalated to the Level 2 support team.

Problem is that no email is sent out when this newly-created template is 
selected.  However, if in the scrip I change the Template to some 
pre-existing template, the global "Resolved" template for example, then 
the email does get sent.

Anyone know what could be going on here?  Is there a better way?

BTW, we are using version 3.6.1.


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