AW: Re: [rt-users] clean up user table

Gordon Messmer gmessmer at
Tue Nov 27 12:49:45 EST 2007

Kenneth Marshall wrote:
> The time to open and display a ticket varies based on the number
> of transactions involved, but typically takes on the order of 1-3s.

With RT3 3.6.5 and PG 8.1.9, I'm seeing newish tickets open in a little 
more than two seconds.  I don't have numbers for MySQL 5, but I recall 
it being less than half a second.  It was much longer than that with our 
slightly older rt3 on MySQL 5, and also much longer before we'd done 
vacuum analyse on postgres. ;)

Yes, having seen the system behave much faster, I do think that >2 
seconds is slow.

> A new ticket with a few updates will take about 1s and an older
> ticket with many updates takes 3-4s. We are using PostgreSQL 8.2
> for the backend DB with the index patches from the mailing list
> posting. I did have to watch the logs for slow queries, to figure
> out where indexes were needed. That and keeping the session table
> cleaned is pretty much all that we need to do. From your description,
> it sounds like you are just missing an index or two. Once you find
> out what you need and add them, you will be fine. I can help with
> PostgreSQL but I do not have much experience with tuning MySQL.

After enabling the log, this is the single slowest query that I saw.

2007-11-27 09:39:53 PST rt3 - LOG:  duration: 450.262 ms  statement: 
SELECT main.* FROM ( SELECT FROM GroupMembers main JOIN Groups 
Groups_1  ON ( = main.GroupId )  WHERE (Groups_1.Domain = 
'SystemInternal' OR Groups_1.Domain = 'UserDefined') AND (main.MemberId 
= '169133')   GROUP BY  ORDER BY min(Groups_1.Domain) ASC, 
min(Groups_1.Name) ASC  ) distinctquery, GroupMembers main WHERE 
( =

Where would I look for "index patches"?

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