[rt-users] Appearance of RT Return Addresss

Tamer Tayea Tamer.Tayea at paybytouch.com
Thu Sep 13 16:28:34 EDT 2007

Hi ,

Here is the issues I am having right now . After creating a ticket , I
get the following e-mail:

Enoch Root via RT [RT_CorrespondAddressNotSet at ServerName.domain.com]

Thu Sep 13 15:50:50 2007: Request 3 was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket created by root
       Queue: General
     Subject: Test Again
       Owner: Nobody
  Requestors: root at localhost
      Status: new
 Ticket <URL: http:// ServerName.domain.com:80/Ticket/Display.html?id=3 

- What I need is to configure RT so When I create a ticket it send
e-mail as it is from issues at rt.domain.com Where rt.domain.com points to
the same server  ServerName.domain.com

- Then the URL at the end of the ack message should read Ticket <URL:

How to go about doing that ?



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