[rt-users] RT transaction log / general history

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Sep 17 11:16:51 EDT 2007

Hi Tomas,

If you're sure you want _every_ transaction, I'd suggest using the RT API 
and throwing together a simple perl script that pulls some info from every 
transaction made "yesterday" and then run it a few mintues after midnight 
as a cron job.  Load the collected info into an e-mail and send it to 
yourself.  If you are at all "perl-aware", you should find enough sample 
API snippets and programs on the wiki to be able to do this.  As for the 
logins, use the same perl script to grep the rt.log file for [info] 
messages that contain "Successful login " (check your rt.log file for the 
exact phrasing).  If you're not familiar with perl and don't want to learn 
it, what you want will be a challenge.

This should be a fun little project, but you're likely to get a lot of 
transaction entries.


At 10:24 AM 9/16/2007, Tomas Valenta wrote:

>is there a way to view all transactions in a selected time span (e.g. last 
>last 10 hours, last day etc.). I used to send mail copy of every 
>transaction to
>be informed, but that's overwhelming. Sometimes I just need a quick way to see
>all the recent changes (especially when I close a task and instantly 
>forget the
>Do you know how to do it?
>Saved search can only do fixed time and date.
>Also viewing all login/logout activity would be very usefull, but I'm afraid
>this is not supported in any way. Am I right?
>Tomáš Valenta
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