[rt-users] CommandByMail Custom Fields permissions issue

Loriann Higashi loriann.higashi at yale.edu
Sun Sep 16 17:41:18 EDT 2007



I am using version 3.4.2, and I have configured the CommandByMail extension.
We use a php form to generate an email to our system, which creates the
ticket.  When I use the form, because I have superuser privileges, a new
ticket is created with the custom fields autopopulated.  However, if a
non-privileged user uses the form, the custom fields are not populated.
I've given everyone the "modify custom fields" privilege, but still am
unsuccessful.  If a user uses the self-service (when I also grant everyone
the "see custom field" privilege) they can modify the fields, but still no
luck by sending the appropriate email.  The CommandByMail functionality does
work for the non-privileged user to set the queue initially on ticket


 I've found that the only privilege I can give that allows a non-privileged
user to autopopulate the custom fields from the email is the "modify ticket"
privilege, but I don't want to do that. 


Is there something that I'm missing, or any suggestions on how to fix this?


Thank you,


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