[rt-users] RT - Character SET

Carlos R. S. cbsilva at student.dei.uc.pt
Wed Sep 19 07:23:10 EDT 2007

I’m using


RT  v3.6.3

Perl v5.8.5

RHEL v3.4.6-2


 I believe this is a config problem, just that.





De: Alex Moura [mailto:alexsm at gmail.com] 
Enviada: terça-feira, 18 de Setembro de 2007 21:39
Para: Carlos R. S.
Assunto: Re: [rt-users] RT - Character SET


On 9/18/07, Carlos R. S. <cbsilva at student.dei.uc.pt> wrote:


I'm Portuguese, and my users and I send emails in Portuguese, but when RT
sends my comments, the Portuguese characters such as the ç the à, á, ó and
others, don't appear, instead I get some codes.

I believe this is due to the character set. How do I change it?

Hi, Carlos 

We use RT with brazilian portuguese messages. RT uses unicode charset. 

Which versions of RT, perl and operating system are you using? 


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