[rt-users] Scrip condition met but not acted on

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Mon Sep 24 14:45:07 EDT 2007

Hi Matt,

Disclaimer: I use 3.6.3, so things might have changed with 3.6.4

Since you are using Custom action prep code, I assume your Action is set to 
User Defined.  If this is the case, your Prep action won't trigger anything 
because there's nothing in your Cleanup code.

If your Action is set to something other than User Defined, the Custom prep 
and cleanup sections are ignored.


At 10:52 AM 9/24/2007, Mathew Snyder wrote:
>Using 3.6.4, I'm trying to create child tickets if the value of a CF called
>"Ticket Type" is set to "Provisioning".  However, I can't seem to work out the
>logic for the Custom condition.  This is what I have:
>if (($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "CustomField" &&
>$self->TransactionObj->Field == 5 && )){
>return 1;
>} else {
>return 0;
>With the Custom action preparation code being:
>return 0 unless $self->TicketObj->FirstCustomFieldValue('Ticket
>Type') =~ /Provisioning/i;
>The Custom action cleanup code is empty.
>I've changed it to include the FirstCustomFieldValue check as part of the
>condition and the prep code set to "return 1;" but that didn't help.  The only
>time I can get the child tickets to spawn is if I add "|| 
>eq "Create" "
>I'm guessing I've go the logic wrong.  Can someone help me out with this?
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