[rt-users] E-Mail issues

Daniel Jenning dfj at thermeon.com
Fri Sep 28 07:22:48 EDT 2007

I seem to have two problems with e-mails from RT right now. One is that for
some reason anything from RT is showing its full header in Outlook, although
this doesn't happen in the older version I use elsewhere, I was wondering if
anyone else has come across this - this only happens with RT mails.

The second is that e-mails from RT list the From: as

Nobody [nobody@*************.***]; on behalf of; *Users Name* via RT

Obviously I've edited it a bit to remove info but you get the idea. In the
header we have:

Reply-To: programming-comment@*********.***
RT-Originator: *user*@***********.***
Sender: Nobody <nobody@**********.***>
From: "*Users Name* via RT" <programming-comment@*********.***>

Now I'm guessing sendmail is adding nobody as the sender, but I can't be
sure. Again any help would be great, as some mails clients don't deal with
it right and we don't like having 'nobody' in the address.

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