[rt-users] LDAP

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Thu Apr 3 06:39:11 EDT 2008

andrew fay wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I was trying to get in to the irc room but my workplace's firewall is 
> preventing this at the moment so until I can get access into the router 
> I cannot do that at the moment unfortunatly!


> I am pretty much following the guide for new installs half way down the 
> page -

Might I recommend that you give my extension a go instead? I'm certainly 
better placed to help you with it. In case it's not clear enough, the 
LDAP page on the wiki contains three solutions. Apache Auth, My 
Extension and Jim Meyer's overlay code on which my extension is based.

> I installed RT via the Synaotic package manager as I am learning to use 
> linux as I go,

This is generally not the best way to do it as it also means you are a 
couple of versions out of date, but it will still work.

> What is the excat line I need to put in RT_SiteConfig.pm for the log ?

Set($LogToSyslog, '');
Set($LogToFile, 'debug');
Set($LogDir, '/var/log/rt');
Set($LogToFileNamed , "rt.log");

These can be found in RT_Config.pm which you should review as soon as 
you can as it contains all of the options you can set. RT_SiteConfig.pm 
is just used to override the defaults in RT_Config.pm

> I never had a LogToFileNamed variable in there to begin with for some 
> reason ?

Because you didn't put one in there yourself. RT_SiteConfig.pm depends 
on you to make the necessary overrides from RT_Config.pm

Kind Regards,


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