[rt-users] RT improving security/privacy

holland holland lahollande at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 09:10:45 EDT 2008

Dear all,

My problem started with people putting by mistake users on admincc,
with the terrible effect of having those people viewing comments.

Basically I'm trying to detect AdminCc (watchers) set on ticket and Queues.

I think of 3 possible solutions:

A scrip that prevent certain users of being put as AdminCc (For Ticket
and Queue):

Custom action preparation code:

Track when Admincc added at ticket or Queue level.
Check against list of authorized users (authorized to be on admincc)

Custom action cleanup code:

send alert or others.

I started with this piece, but it only check at ticket level:

my $transactionType = $self->TransactionObj->Type;
my $watcherType = $self->TransactionObj->Field;
if (($transactionType eq 'AddWatcher') and ($watcherType eq 'AdminCc')) {
 return 1;
 return undef;


When pressing "Save Changes" button,  end user will be warned that
this user cannot be set as admincc (not found against list of
authorized users).

By far the best solution to me.

SQL in a cronjob, but not pro-active enough.

I found this SQL statement (at the ticket level) so far:

   t1.id Ticket_id,
   g2.id RoleGroup_id,
   g2.Type Role_Type,
   cgm3.MemberId RoleMember_id,
   Tickets t1,
   Groups g2,
   CachedGroupMembers cgm3,
   Principals p4,
   Users u5
   t1.id > 10000 AND
   g2.Domain = 'RT::Ticket-Role' AND g2.Instance = t1.id AND
   cgm3.GroupId = g2.id AND
   p4.id = cgm3.MemberId AND
   p4.Disabled = 0 AND
   p4.PrincipalType = 'User'
   AND g2.Type = 'AdminCc'
   AND u5.id = p4.id;


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