[rt-users] A hoary goat.

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Fri Apr 4 12:09:55 EDT 2008

Robert Logan schrieb:
> Rainer Duffner wrote:
>> Robert Logan schrieb:
>>> Long time listener 1st time caller ....
>>> A few snippets of advice required please.
>>> Ive just started at a new post and have been tasked to look after the 
>>> RT system here. Its version 3.1.4 and fairly vanilla in setup.
>>> I intend to take this (2005) system and move it to the latest, with a 
>>> hardware and OS/Db update as well. Im assuming that the upgrade to 
>>> 3.6.6 (current) will be more or less painless (follow the guide), but 
>>> I'd like some pointers to making changes thereafter in terms of custom 
>>> forms for ticket submission (various custom fields) and any caveats 
>>> anyone has ..
>>> MY RT history is one of installs and very simple setups of v3 RTs (on 
>>> slackware - so I know how to mess with stuff) and a lot of time with 
>>> RT2 back in the day.
>>> Any pointers will be much appreciated
>> OS?
>> DB?
>> Webserver?
>> mod_perl?
>> Clairvoyants not included....
>> cheers,
>> Rainer
> Ahh - apologies - currently the usual RHEL 4, FastCGI, Apache/2.0.52
> and mysql 4, but am as stated amenable to change for changes sake. Im a 
> moderately competent sql/perl developer (mod_perl) - Mason doesnt 
> frighten me as such.
> _______________________________________________

Well, I only migrated my RT from FreeBSD5 to FreeBSD6 and PostgreSQL8.0 
to 8.2 (and from RT3.4 to RT3.6).
Inbetween these PostgreSQL-releases, the PostgreSQL-team put in a lot of 
unicode checks, so that the import of the binary-dump didn't work.

When that was solved, everything worked again.
It seems, BestPractical has put *a lot* of effort into the upgrade process.
I wish, I could say this for all vendors whose software we use...


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