[rt-users] Need RT to fetchmail...

Nelson Pereira npereira at protus.com
Mon Apr 7 13:56:04 EDT 2008

Thanks !


Went in and changed this....


Is there a specific config that when an agent adds a reply or comment
and selects to send it to the requestor?

It's not sending the comments or repluies...



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Hi Nelson,

"example.com #2" is the ticket number.  Your RT installation is named
'example.com' and the ticket number is '2'.  This number in the subject
line of any replies to RT will associate the message with ticket #2
instead of creating a new ticket.


At 10:24 AM 4/7/2008, Nelson Pereira wrote:

When the requester receives the response back on a -action correspond,
with a subject line of [example.com #2] AutoReply: testing111 and they
get this message:
What stipulates the formatting of the subject line?  I would like it to
be a ticket number not example.com #2....
This message has been automatically generated in response to the
creation of a trouble ticket regarding:
a summary of which appears below.
There is no need to reply to this message right now.  Your ticket has
been assigned an ID of [example.com #2].
Please include the string:
         [example.com #2]
in the subject line of all future correspondence about this issue. To do
so, you may reply to this message.
                        Thank you,
                        otrs at protus.org

Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University

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