[rt-users] Self Service Permissions

Stephen Cochran stephen.a.cochran.lists at cahir.net
Mon Apr 7 19:26:00 EDT 2008

Well, the self-service interface I'm talking about is when an  
unprivilidged user logs in, they see a different interface loaded out  
of /SelfService/index.html. It displays only their submitted requests.

On Apr 3, 2008, at 1:17 PM, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Stephen,
> 	I could easily be mistaken, but I thought self-service referred to  
> email requests. I don't even know how someone could SEE anything  
> from an email request. I thought one had to use the WebUI to SEE  
> anything in RT.
> Kenn
> On 4/2/2008 8:22 PM, Stephen Cochran wrote:
>> Our unprivileged users can't see the queue names (we have multiple   
>> queues) in the Self Service interface, the field is just blank.  
>> What  permission is needed to see that field? Currently set up with:
>> unprivileged:
>> 	CreateTicket
>> 	SeeQueue
>> requester:
>> 	ReplyToTicket
>> 	ShowTicket
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
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