[rt-users] Missing "take" link for some users

Keith Edmunds kae at midnighthax.com
Tue Apr 8 10:55:54 EDT 2008

Sorry to reactivate this thread, but I'm stumped by this. I'm not even
sure what to do to start resolving it.

The problem:

RT 3.6.1: We have four users on this system. In "10 newest unowned tickets", one
user has the ticket number as a link and also a 'take' link; the other
three users have only a plain-text ticket number and no take link.

What I've checked/done so far:

- one affected user has been granted full global permissions
- that user has logged out and back in
- that user, and the one that works, have the query for the unowned tickets
- they both have the same display template

Where can I look next?


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