[rt-users] Intergration with LDAP (need togo back to standard auth...?!?)

Nelson Pereira npereira at protus.com
Tue Apr 8 15:34:40 EDT 2008

Yes I did make the changes to RT_SiteConfig.pm and not RT_Config.pm
Yet, when deleting the RT_SiteConfig.pm, I still get loads of errors
saying it's trying to use an external authentication mechanisme.... like
this error when I try to login with root...(I can no longuer login to RT
because of this)...

System error

error:  Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
/opt/rt3/local/lib/RT/User_Vendor.pm line 56.
context:  ...   
52:  $RT::Logger->debug( (caller(0))[3], 
53:  "Trying External authentication"); 
55:  # Get the prioritised list of external authentication services 
56:  my @auth_services = @$RT::ExternalAuthPriority; 
58:  # For each of those services.. 
59:  foreach my $service (@auth_services) { 
code stack:  /opt/rt3/local/lib/RT/User_Vendor.pm:56
raw error

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Nelson Pereira wrote:
> How do I go back to standard auth....
> This is not working and im getting tight on time....
when you made your changes i hope you didnt make them in the default 
file but in the second one,
blow away the secondary config file, and you should be all good.

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