[rt-users] [BULK] RE: question about watchers

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Apr 9 14:53:11 EDT 2008


	Not to discourage you but, many have tried to get "Approvals" to work 
in RT and have failed. That's why we created our "Requests" queue. We 
use it like an "Approvals" queue, but we can control how it acts (and 
the privileges) more easily than the RT version.


On 4/9/2008 11:28 AM, Nelson Pereira wrote:
> Ok, thanks all, 
> I seem to have a very hard time to grasp all of this for some strange
> reason. I sat down with the Supervisor and he wants me to forget about
> this for now, and simply work on the approvals queue.
> So since this is not on topic, I will create a new thread.
> Regards,
> Nelson Pereira
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> Nelson,
> 	Try this. Setup a group that includes just the AdminCc's of each
> support queue. then, put them in the Watcher CC of the general 
> (unassigned) queue. Setup a notification to email CC watchers when a 
> ticket is created in the unassigned queue. Now, when a ticket is created
> in the unassigned queue, those that are the interested parties can look 
> at the queue (give that "special" group the appropriate rights) and
> either
> 	a) Take the ticket they want and work on in in the unassigend
> queue to 
> resolve, OR
> 	b) Move the ticket to the queue they use to work on tickets OR
> 	c) create a scrip that moves a ticket to the appropriate queue
> when the 
> owner changes from nobody to somebody (whomever/whatever queue).
> 	Either way, with a little procedural design followed by
> appropriate 
> scrip/template/privileges you can easilymake this work.
> Kenn

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