[rt-users] Upgrade to 3.6.6, queue tickets have broken links

Dominic Lepiane Dominic.Lepiane at ptgrey.com
Wed Apr 9 15:33:32 EDT 2008

Dear RT Users,

I have a couple problems so far after having upgraded to RT 3.6.6:
1 ) The BestPractical logo is a bad link:
img src="//NoAuth/images//bplogo.gif"
2 ) If I click on a queue, all the tickets returned in that search are bad links like this:
a href="//Ticket/Display.html?id=60428"

I was not at all involved in the old setup / config of RT and the person who was and who had done the previous upgrades in long gone so I know some of you will shudder when I talk about my setup and yes, I know I'm a harsh n00b and my predacessor more so, but here's what we got:

Current / Old setup (the "live" setup) on an Fedora Core 1 box named "rt".  It is running RT 3.0.11 (yes, old) and it is configured to run as fast CGI under the subdirectory "rt", so it is in http://rt/rt.

To move RT to a new server, I am also updating to 3.6.6 in the process.  So the new setup is an RHEL 5 box named "rt-test".  It is supposed to be running 3.6.6 and configured with mod_perl and a VirtualHost instead of FastCGI (which was giving me a lot of grief).

To get where I got so far, I dumped the old db with mysqldump from the old server, pushed it on to the new server.  Then unpacked the rt-3.6.6 tarball doing make testdeps and make install *not* using any files from the old installation as per the upgrade documentation.  Then I just created a new RT_SiteConfig to taste, created the virtual host in Apache, and that's where I got to.

So some things do work.  I can login with my old user account, I can open tickets on my summary page.  The pages seem to load pretty slow, but I think that is just because the browser is trying to pull a logo from "http://noauth/images//bplogo.gif", hence, this is the first issue I noticed.  For the other issue, if I just click any of the queues I have listed, the links for all the tickets are all just wrong.  Any queue, any ticket.  Yet if I search of one of the ticket numbers I see in the queue, I get redirected correctly.

What have I done wrong?  Should I dump my mod_perl/virtual host config and try to get FastCGI working?  Is there something I can fix in my SiteConfig?

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction,

Dominic Lepiane
Network Administrator
Point Grey Research
+1 604 730 9937 ext 283

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