[rt-users] help with incoming scrip

Chris Haumesser ch at awry.ws
Sun Apr 13 14:52:35 EDT 2008

Hey everybody,

I've been using RT for a number of years in various jobs, and it's a 
great tool.  I'm trying to deploy it now for a somewhat novel use case 
(managing law review submissions), and I need some help with scrip 
voodoo.  I'm not much of a perl guy, but I can kind of follow along. ;)

We get dozens of submissions per day via email sent from an electronic 
service.  The emails we get all come with headers from the service 
itself.  The bodies of the messages are consistently formatted, and 
contain lines with information about each article, e.g.

Title: Undue Influence and the Rise of Greedy Lawyers

Author: John Q. Blowhard, Esq.

You may contact the author at: blowhard at ivyleague.edu

I'd like to have a scrip that will use regular expressions to extract 
the above information, and update the ticket appropriately.  For 
example, I'd like the "Title" to become the subject of the ticket and 
the "Author" to become the requestor, with the email address set 

Is this something that I can do with a scrip?  Can anyone point me to 
some resources on how to extract info from the body of a ticket using 
regular expressions, and use that data to update ticket fields?

Many thanks!


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