[rt-users] Text/plain attachments not showing up inline

Dominic Lepiane Dominic.Lepiane at ptgrey.com
Mon Apr 14 15:01:20 EDT 2008

Dear RT Users,

I just upgraded from 3.0.11 to 3.6.6 (as per my earlier more panicked emails about my config issues.  I have that all sorted out and most everything is fine, just fine.

The one odd problem one of the users has noticed is that some text attachments are no longer being displayed inline.  Normal email messages are fine.  They come in something like this:

Subject:        RE: [PGR #92694] Firefly MV: LED flashing
Date:   Mon, 7 Apr 2008 16:53:42 +0200
To:     <support at example.com>
From:   Oliver Machui <machui at example.org>
Download (untitled) [text/plain 289b]

And the message follows.

However, we have some web-form generated email messages that come in and the body of those messages does not display inline.  They look basically the same:

Subject:        RMA Report: Firefly MV S/N 7140913
Date:   Wed, 2 Apr 2008 08:37:30 -0700
To:     <support at example.com>
From:   <machui at example.org>
Download RMA_Firefly MV_7140913.txt [text/plain 1.8k]

Except the body is not displayed and staff instead have to use the provided Download link.

I tried tweaking what settings I could find in the SiteConfig that seemed to be of any relevance:

Set($MaxInlineBody, 10000000);
Set($SuppressInlineTextFiles, 0);

Neither of these seem to have any effect.

And just to clarify, in RT 3.0.11, these messages are displayed inline.  This is only a problem in 3.6.6.  And this does affect new messages that have come in since the upgrade, so it's not just some oddity with pre-upgrade data.

Thanks in advance,

Dominic Lepiane
Network Administrator
Point Grey Research
604 730 9937 x283

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