[rt-users] Can a user add a dependency on a ticket he does not have access to?

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 14 17:18:13 EDT 2008


	Have you tried giving the "ModifyTicket" right globally to the role 
"Owner"? Other than that and the "CreateTicket" & "SeeQueue" rights (to 
the target Queue), the person owning the ticket should certainly be able 
to do that. We've never encountered that problem. Interesting.


On 4/14/2008 10:48 AM, lgrella wrote:
> I am trying to figure out why a users who owns a ticket in a certain queue is
> not able to add a dependency to that ticket which is a ticket in another
> queue which he does not have access. This is how our RT is set up...
> All users can see all queues, but not the tickets within those queues. 2 of
> my queues are Content and IT Support. A user has read and write access to
> the Content queue and owns a ticket in the content queue. He wants to add a
> dependency of a ticket from the IT support queue to his ticket, but does not
> have read or write access to IT support. When he tries to add the ticket as
> a link to his ticket, he gets an error that his permission is denied. How
> can I set this up so that he does not see the ticket, but can add it as a
> link in his own ticket for a dependency?
> Thanks,
> Laura

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