[rt-users] RT SSL implementation

Nelson Pereira npereira at protus.com
Tue Apr 15 11:37:18 EDT 2008



Can you point me to an article on how to setup RT for SSL  (https://)?

I've been trying to set this up for 2 days now, and can't seem to get it

I took the HTTPD.conf lines to SSL.conf but that did not help.


Let me know, I would be interested in looking at your RT_SiteConfig.pm
as well as your ssl.conf and httpd.conf







Nelson Pereira


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Hi guys,


I've implemented SSL on my RT box, but for some reason anytime I update
or create a new ticket, Rt tries to redirect the browser to http:// (my
server name):443/    how do I change the redirect after the creation or
updating of a ticket?



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