[rt-users] RT as a intranet portal? Or other suggestions?

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Wed Apr 16 10:09:00 EDT 2008

>Is there an extension that will make RT look like an intranet portal?
>To be able to put in articles, upload docs, and such?
>Or do you guys have any suggestions as a good Intranet Portal I could
>install on the same box as RT (RHEL5) ?

I've been happy with TWiki for our internal needs.  A wiki-notion
of edit-in-place is more suitable for our documentation than RT's
notion of serial appends to a thread (ticket).

I've also been interested in Trac, but that uses its own
built-in wiki and ticketing system.  I like the integration Trac
provides, but I don't want a second ticketing system or a second wiki.

FWIW, it probably would not be too hard to make a twiki plugin
that interacted with RT via the REST interface.  And probably
the reverse, if you wanted some RT interface to twiki (e.g. to
use wiki pages instead of RTFM articles).


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