[rt-users] RT as a intranet portal? Or other suggestions?

Kim Pedersen lists at kimp.org
Fri Apr 18 22:28:56 EDT 2008

> I've been happy with TWiki for our internal needs.  A wiki-notion
> of edit-in-place is more suitable for our documentation than RT's
> notion of serial appends to a thread (ticket).
> I've also been interested in Trac, but that uses its own
> built-in wiki and ticketing system.  I like the integration Trac
> provides, but I don't want a second ticketing system or a second wiki.
> FWIW, it probably would not be too hard to make a twiki plugin
> that interacted with RT via the REST interface.  And probably
> the reverse, if you wanted some RT interface to twiki (e.g. to
> use wiki pages instead of RTFM articles).
We use Twiki and RT as well, but with no integration.

Googling on the subject sometime last year, I did run across references 
to companies who have done some integration of RT into Twiki, using 
Mason - but I've been unable to find any concrete information, and it 
isn't a high enough priority / we don't have the resources at my work 
place for it.


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