[rt-users] Best way to track tickets related to an rtfm article?

Steve Seremeth steve at eons.com
Sat Apr 19 22:55:41 EDT 2008

Hello -

Firstly, RT rocks.  "Nice work!" to the fine folks at Best Practical.  I 
have a workflow question related to RTFM articles and resolving RT 
tickets.  I have googled and poked through the mailing list archives and 
haven't seen what I am looking for.

Can someone tell me what is the best practice to tie tickets to RTFM 
articles (mostly for later reporting)?  I realize the "refers to" field 
offers this functionality (like doing "a:###"), but in terms of a good 
work flow, you'd have to keep a printed list of RTFM article IDs to make 
using that convenient unless I am missing something (which I fully 
acknowledge I could be).

Is there an easier/better way to tie RT tickets to RTFM articles?  I 
suppose I could always alter the resolve ticket screen to include the 
"refers to" field -- maybe this is the way to go?  And maybe have this 
field populated when an RTFM article is chosen as the response.

Again, the goal here would be that you could easily see how may tickets 
are related to a given problem (which was defined in an RTFM article in 
some fashion) by querying or looking in RTFM at a given article.

RT 3.6.6
RTFM 2.2.1

on CentOS 5.1
Apache 2.2.3

Thanks for any tips and I apologize in advance if I have overlooked 


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