[rt-users] Best way to track tickets related to an rtfm article?

Steve Seremeth steve at eons.com
Mon Apr 21 16:39:41 EDT 2008

Ok, so I answered some of my own question.  After much testing, I have 
determined that:

If you are on the "Resolve ticket" screen (i.e. 
Update.html?Action=Respond&DefaultStatus=resolved&id=X), the page 
includes a hidden form field named aptly "<Ticket ID />-RefersTo".

    * If you choose an RTFM article from the drop-down menu, click the
      "Go" button, the text box does get populated with the text of your
      RTFM custom article, but the value of the hidden field does not
      change, NOT establishing a relationship from this ticket to the
      RTFM article.
    * If you search in the field labeled "Search for RTFM articles
      matching" and click the "Go" button, then click the "Go" button
      next to the subject of a matching RTFM article, the hidden field
      DOES get populated, with text looking something like:
      "fsck.com-rtfm://mydomain.com/article/<article id />", which, of
      course, establishes the relationship between the ticket and the
      RTFM article when you post your response using the "Update Ticket"
    * For completeness, if you use the "Include RTFM article:" field, it
      also does NOT populate the hidden RefersTo field.

Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but it sure seems like one, since 
the middle process ends in what I would expect (and hope for!) so that 
we could report out on numbers of tickets resolved with the same canned 
response -- another easy way of seeing how frequently a given problem is 
causing our team a headache.  I would expect that using an RTFM by any 
of the three means would end in tying the response to the RTFM article 
via the RefersTo field.

Along these same lines -- can someone point me to something that would 
allow me to change the formatting of responses such that RTFM articles 
aren't always included at the top of the response?  This is especially 
important when there is the initial user inquiry and respondant's 
signature below.

Thanks for any insights here.  I am happy to document any 
improvements/changes we end up making for the next person.


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