[rt-users] Failure to Create User

Emmanuel Nnko emmanuel.nnko at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 09:18:03 EDT 2008

Dear All,

I have installed the RT 3.6.5 originally using it's database (Pg) for
authentication. Initially it went fine with all the features working.

However, I decided to enable authentication of RT through AD (
tradardc02.tra.go.tz) as shown in the attached RT_SiteConfig file. On
choosing the priority I set AD as the primary choice and 'localhost' -
meaning the RT database for authentication. Now I am getting the following

x1 - [Tue Apr 22 12:40:23 2008] [crit]: Failed to create user
rm_kagera at tra.go.tz: Co
uld not set user info (/usr/lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm:617)
[Tue Apr 22 12:40:23 2008] [error]: Could not load create a user with the
address 'rm_kagera at tra.go.tz' to add as a watcher for ticket 667

x2- [Tue Apr 22 12:51:12 2008] [error]: Invalid type specification in config
c02.tra.go.tz (/usr/lib/RT/User_Vendor.pm:289)
[Tue Apr 22 12:51:12 2008] [error]: Invalid type specification in config
st (/usr/lib/RT/User_Vendor.pm:289)

Please help to resolve these problems.

With kindest regards,

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