[rt-users] Synchronising IDs?

Gavin Henry ghenry at suretecsystems.com
Tue Apr 22 11:33:26 EDT 2008

Dear All,

We have a public site for enquiries with it's own management interface.

Currently all our web enquiries get saved in our DB on the public site.

When a member of staff is about to deal with an enquiry they click a
link on our intranet (which is connected to the public site db) which
sends an email from the customers address to RT and RT forwards it to the
member of staff.

The replies can go back and forth via RT and can be monitored by any of
the queue admins.

All messages must have a note stating the subject must contain the
reference number.

No staff have access to RT web GUI, only Team admins, as we don't want
tickets to be picked and chosen depending on enquiry value, as it's first
come first serve.


When we create the original request the customer is given a reference
number on the public system. Forwarding to RT creates a seccond reference.

The problem is the two different systems,as the public one has all the
stats etc that have been home grown over a long period. Can anyone suggest
a way to change the RT id to match the Public system enquiry id?

We could not send the public system autoreply and use an RT one, but then
we can't tie in the enquiry form enquiry to the RT ticket.

I was thinking about CommandsByEmail and parsing the public system id and
changing the RT id, but that may tramp on things.

Any tips appreciated.


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