[rt-users] Owners of queues

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Tue Apr 22 15:56:20 EDT 2008


	We have the same type of setup, only on a much larger scale. We have a 
"General" Queue that regular users (users that are not in a support 
group) can create tickets in. Then we have users that are in a "Support" 
group and we give that group the rights to create tickets in other 
queues. So, when a "regular" users creates a ticket in the general 
queue, the ticket is reviewed by the "support" group users who, in turn, 
move the tickets to where they need to be. That way, we do not have 
"regular" users creating tickets in other queues. Maybe this will work 
for you, too.


On 4/22/2008 12:43 PM, lgrella wrote:
> I have something I wanted to add to this thread that I found interesting.....
> I have taken away the createTicket rights from most queues but 1(general),
> so that users will have to create in the general, and then we can triage
> them and assign them to who we see fit...
> everyone has seeQueue rights, so if they own a ticket and want to move it to
> another queue, they see the queues in the queue dropdown in basics, but if
> they try to switch the ticket to a queue that they do not have createTicket
> rights in, it does not let them move it and gives them this message: “Ticket
> ###: You may not create requests in that queue.”
> I turned back on createTicket in that queue, and then it let the user move
> the ticket.
> lgrella wrote:
>> I have used the scrip recommended in this forum for setting the default
>> owner of a queue. Is there any way to prevent certain users from choosing
>> an owner from the dropdown list of owners when creating a ticket? This is
>> exactly what I want to do:
>> If the user creating the ticket can own in the queue, they can set the
>> owner to themselves or the default owner. 
>> If the user creating the ticket cannot own in the queue, the ticket can
>> only be assigned to the default owner. 
>> Certain people (per queue) should be able to set the owner on create to
>> anyone in the queue. For example, the owner of the queue can set the owner
>> of a ticket on create. 
>> Is this possible?

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