[rt-users] Delete Perl?

Dale J. Chatham dale at chatham.org
Sat Apr 26 08:33:10 EDT 2008

Potentially dangerous, but, ...

rpm --nodeps --force -ivh <list of packages>

You might want to run rpm -ivh against a package to see what the 
dependencies are to get the list of packages.

rpm -e package.rpm will remove the package.  It will also tell you the 
dependencies.  Perl is intertwined around everything almost, so the list 
will be long.

Chris Mason (Lists) wrote:
> I continue to have show-stopping problems on one server that ran RT 
> until I tried to upgrade. I have been able to install RT on other 
> machines with no problems.
> Is there a way to delete Perl and start again? I think that would be 
> much more efficient than wading through the tons of perl conflicts and 
> package issues, I have downloaded and compiled 5.8.3 for ES# and could 
> install with RPM immediately after running rpm -e perl*
> Is there a better way to restore perl to the default structure with only 
> the packages and modules as shipped with the OS?
> Any help appreciated
> Chris

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