[rt-users] Trouble installing RTx-Rights Matrix

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 28 12:58:12 EDT 2008

To all,

	We keep our RT in a different directory than /opt/. RT runs well and 
all IS well. I downloaded RTx-RightsMatrix to our version of src under 
that initial directory (/ours/rt/src). Now, when trying to install RT 
(from /ours/rt/rt-3.6.4), when it asks for the path, no matter what I 
type in, it doesn't like the path I give it (/ours/rt/rt-3.6.4/lib). 
I've tried adding a slash at the end, just typing in the lib part and 
several other variations and it just doesn't work.

     I think I need to change something in one of the src files but 
don't know which one or why. Do anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


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