[rt-users] Unprivileged user cannot create ticket

Tomáš Sára sara at edhouse.cz
Fri Dec 5 02:45:51 EST 2008

Hello everybody,
first I have to say that I am new to RT system. After installing RT on 
our server I started to use it. It looks like a great system but it does 
have a lot of adjustments. At the begining I was a little bit connfused 
what is what. But know I am familiar with it a lot more.

The root account is working great. Even the privilieged users are ok. 
The only problem I have are unprivileged users. I have some queues, lets 
say 3 of them ("Module 1", "Module 2", and "General"). I would like to 
allow unprivileged users to create tickets in queues "Module 1" and 
"Module 2" and I don't know how to do it. I have set to grou "Everyone" 
the rights "CreateTicket" and "ReplyToTicket" for both of these queues. 
But when I log in as a unprivileged user and want to create a ticket I 
can see "Queue: ** ()"  on the first line of the new ticket. And when I 
press the button "Create ticket" I will obtain an Error: "You have no 
permission to create tickets in that queue. No details".

When I tried to grant the "Everyone" group the same global permisions as 
I granted to the queues above, it was possible for the unprivileged user 
to create the ticket but he/she can't choose the queue to create it in.

You can simulate this in the demo apllication on 
http://rt.easter-eggs.org/demos/stable/ when you log in as a guest/guest 
you will get the same.

Any help is greatly appriciated.
Tomas Sara.

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