[rt-users] Emailing (=contacting users) via RT?

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Fri Dec 12 16:46:33 EST 2008

I might have an analogous situtation.

Our security team might find a machine they have to filter off
the network.  They can lookup the net admin for that department,
and they want to create an RT ticket with that admin as CC,
so they can record the subsequent interactions.

They want all email to go through RT, so they don't want the
initial email to go directly to the admin.  They want the initial
mail to go ONLY to RT, but they want RT to THINK the admin
was cc'ed on the email.

As it turned out for an unrelated reason, we run procmail ahead of
RT, and we have a procmail rule that changes headers like this:

  Comments: cc: bobg at abc.com

to this:

  cc: bobg at abc.com

So, the security team sends off an email like this:

   To: rt-queue at abc.com
   From: security at abc.com
   Comments: Cc: netadmin at abc.com

The admin gets only a single piece of mail, from RT.
And when he replies, it goes back to RT.


>I feel silly for asking this question, but I've searched the Net and the RT
>wiki and just couldn't find the answer.
>Basically I wanted to use RT to actively contact a user. Makes perfect
>sense, because on occasion it's not users reporting problems or bugs, but
>support wanting to contact users to notify them of something they have
>observed. Only, for the life of me I just can't get it done! When I create a
>ticket, it's basically treated as an *incoming* message towards the queue.
>And I can cc: the person whom I want to contact, but that doesn't look good
>at all.
>So in a nutshell do I have to operate an MTA alongside RT to be able to
>contact users of the system? And if I do, how can I cleanly integrate that
>into an RT helpdesk thread? Because if the outgoing message doesn't have any
>RT tags, the system will thing the reply is a help request and sent out an
>auto-reply ("thanks for creating a ticket" and all that jazz). I'm really
>somewhat confused by now and wondering what I may have overlooked. Any help
>would be greatly appreciated!
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