[rt-users] RT2-to-RT3 migration lost ticket data and status change issues

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Mon Dec 15 10:19:27 EST 2008

When I upgraded several years ago, I had to run rt2-to-dumpfile BEFORE I 
installed RT3 at all.  Something about the version of SearchBuilder (I 
think) that RT# used broke the data export of RT2.  At one point I was 
very good with the procedure for that upgrade, but my memory seems to 
have been lost to time and projects past.

I hope this may help you out some.  Searching for part of my email on 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/ may bring some of those posts 
back up for you.

Brian Friday wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am using the RT2-to-RT3 migration tool (latest) to migrate a RT2  
> instance (Mysql 3.23, DB is 1+ GB in size) from 2.0.14 to RT 3.6.7  
> (Mysql 5). I have copied the original RT2 install, and the new RT3  
> from their respective machines to a go between system. I've fixed the  
> paths and configurations so that both installs still can connect to  
> their respective databases.
> This go between machine is running perl 5.8.8 with all the modules and  
> dependancies for a mysql based RT 3.6.7 instance. RT2 is running on a  
> Mac OS X panther server with Perl 5 (I think 004) and RT3 is running  
> on a Leopard Server also running Perl 5.8.8.
> I had to update the RT2-to-dumpfile script in the migration package to  
> change the status as well as the priority of the tickets it exports.  
> In addition I had to add to RT3 the additional status files used by  
> the client.  After that I was able to successfully run both the rt-2.0- 
> to-dumpfile script and the dumpfile to rt-3.0 script.  All the basic  
> data appears to have come across intact including queues, acl's, users  
> and ticket metadata.
> First Problem:
> -------------------
> While the ticket metadata has been exported, the actual transactions,  
> as well as ticket contents, emails, attachments etc have not been  
> exported. I have verified that they exist in the original database.
> Second Problem:
> ------------------------
> Within RT3 I have edited the etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm to include the  
> additional status lines here:
> @ActiveStatus = qw(new open waiting monitoring ongoing stalled verify  
> EC) unless @ActiveStatus;
> @InactiveStatus = qw(resolved rejected dead deferred deleted) unless  
> @InactiveStatus;
>  From the default below:
> @ActiveStatus = qw(new open stalled) unless @ActiveStatus;
> @InactiveStatus = qw(resolved rejected deleted) unless @InactiveStatus;
> The catch I have discovered is that when the old tickets were imported  
> about 90% of the tickets which were resolved now have the status of  
> new (specifically "new (unchanged)" ). These tickets instead should be  
> listed
> as resolved.
> --------------------------------
> Has anyone seen or experienced either of these behaviors before and  
> could provide any advice?
> Any help would be appreciated,
> - Brian
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