[rt-users] RT2-to-RT3 migration lost ticket data and status change issues

Brian Friday brian.friday at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 01:49:04 EST 2008

Hello all,

I am using the RT2-to-RT3 migration tool (latest) to migrate a RT2  
instance (Mysql 3.23, DB is 1+ GB in size) from 2.0.14 to RT 3.6.7  
(Mysql 5). I have copied the original RT2 install, and the new RT3  
from their respective machines to a go between system. I've fixed the  
paths and configurations so that both installs still can connect to  
their respective databases.

This go between machine is running perl 5.8.8 with all the modules and  
dependancies for a mysql based RT 3.6.7 instance. RT2 is running on a  
Mac OS X panther server with Perl 5 (I think 004) and RT3 is running  
on a Leopard Server also running Perl 5.8.8.

I had to update the RT2-to-dumpfile script in the migration package to  
change the status as well as the priority of the tickets it exports.  
In addition I had to add to RT3 the additional status files used by  
the client.  After that I was able to successfully run both the rt-2.0- 
to-dumpfile script and the dumpfile to rt-3.0 script.  All the basic  
data appears to have come across intact including queues, acl's, users  
and ticket metadata.

First Problem:
While the ticket metadata has been exported, the actual transactions,  
as well as ticket contents, emails, attachments etc have not been  
exported. I have verified that they exist in the original database.

Second Problem:
Within RT3 I have edited the etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm to include the  
additional status lines here:
@ActiveStatus = qw(new open waiting monitoring ongoing stalled verify  
EC) unless @ActiveStatus;
@InactiveStatus = qw(resolved rejected dead deferred deleted) unless  

 From the default below:
@ActiveStatus = qw(new open stalled) unless @ActiveStatus;
@InactiveStatus = qw(resolved rejected deleted) unless @InactiveStatus;

The catch I have discovered is that when the old tickets were imported  
about 90% of the tickets which were resolved now have the status of  
new (specifically "new (unchanged)" ). These tickets instead should be  
as resolved.


Has anyone seen or experienced either of these behaviors before and  
could provide any advice?

Any help would be appreciated,

- Brian

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