[rt-users] Upgrade 3.6 -> 3.8; database corruption? (was: something wacky with users)

kem cho kemcho12345 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 18 17:05:14 EST 2008

I upgraded my RT from version 3.2.2 to 3.8.1 and noticed the same issue (I see candidate owners who shouldn't be in the Owner drop-down menu).
I am not sure what is causing this, but I do not have this problem in RT 3.2.2
I did this on opensuse 11; mysql 5; perl 5.10; apache 2
My next step is to apply one update at a time and see if the data corrouption happens. 

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From: Kevin Murphy <murphy at genome.chop.edu>
Subject: Re: [rt-users] Upgrade 3.6 -> 3.8; database corruption? (was: something wacky with users)
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Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:04 PM

Kevin Murphy wrote:
> I just upgraded from RT 3.6.6 to 3.8.1 on Mac OS X Server 10.4.11, using 
> PostgreSQL 8.3.5.
> Creating a ticket, I see a couple candidate owners who shouldn't be in

> the Owner drop-down menu, even including a non-privileged user.

Yikes!  I repeated the upgrade from scratch with a fresh restore of the 
pre-upgrade database, with identical results.  Is it possible that the 
database upgrade scripts corrupted something?

Prior to the upgrade, I did a pg_dumpall, and I used that dump to 
rebuild the database.

I then followed the upgrade instructions.  These database updates were 

* 3.7.1
* 3.7.3
* 3.7.10
* 3.7.15
* 3.7.19
* 3.7.81
* 3.7.82
* 3.7.85
* 3.7.86
* 3.7.87
* 3.8.0
* 3.8.1

-Kevin Murphy


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