[rt-users] RT 3.8.1 too slow

varad gupta postfix.vbg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 22:05:14 EST 2008

DEar All

I have a fairly large implementation of RT running on Apache 2/ MySQL 5.1

The problem is that it is too slow.

On looking into the issue, I have realised that if I disable the incoming
mails to RT, the speed becomes acceptable.

Once, incoming mail is piped to RT thru  rt-mailgate, RT again becomes
unbearably slow. I have tried all the things listed in the Performance
Tuning section of the RT Wiki.

I believe at the time of writing into the database, mails take a huge amount
of time.

Is there a solution to this, because otherwise I might have to uninstall RT
as the customer is not very happy about the performance.

The expected load is about 50,000 mails(tickets-created or corresponded) per
day and about 10 helpdesk agents to handle those tickets in 3 shifts of 8
hrs each. Hardware is dual core Xeon with 4 GB of RAM. Database size is
currently around 4 GB.

Mostly, I feel that the problem is with the Attachments table as queries
onto this table take a very very long time.

Any help would be deeply appreciated,


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