[rt-users] RT 3.8.1 too slow

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Dec 25 23:02:15 EST 2008


You haven't given us a whole lot to go on: Some things that 
folks here will need to know before anyone's going to
be able to help you:

* Exactly what version of MySQL?

* How much have you tuned mysql? 

* What does mysqltuner from mysqltuner.com say?

* Is there a reason you're running the not-really-ready MySQL 5.1 rather
  than the good-deal-more-stable MySQL 5.0 series?

* Exactly what version of Perl? Is it a Red Hat Enterprise Build? Before
 or after the massive performance fix?

* Have you looked into MySQL's slow query log?

* Have you considered setting up a second host for mail handling?

* Tell us about how you've tuned mod_perl/FastCGI

* Show us what queries are slow and the 'explain' output on those.

And, of course, if time is of the essence and you don't have the
necessary resources to tune your RT instance, Best Practical's crack
team of engineers would be happy to work to get your RT instance purring
like a kitten.


Jesse Vincent
Best Practical

On Fri 26.Dec'08 at  8:35:14 +0530, varad gupta wrote:
>    DEar All
>    I have a fairly large implementation of RT running on Apache 2/ MySQL 5.1
>    The problem is that it is too slow.
>    On looking into the issue, I have realised that if I disable the incoming
>    mails to RT, the speed becomes acceptable.
>    Once, incoming mail is piped to RT thru  rt-mailgate, RT again becomes
>    unbearably slow. I have tried all the things listed in the Performance
>    Tuning section of the RT Wiki.
>    I believe at the time of writing into the database, mails take a huge
>    amount of time.
>    Is there a solution to this, because otherwise I might have to uninstall
>    RT as the customer is not very happy about the performance.
>    The expected load is about 50,000 mails(tickets-created or corresponded)
>    per day and about 10 helpdesk agents to handle those tickets in 3 shifts
>    of 8 hrs each. Hardware is dual core Xeon with 4 GB of RAM. Database size
>    is currently around 4 GB.
>    Mostly, I feel that the problem is with the Attachments table as queries
>    onto this table take a very very long time.
>    Any help would be deeply appreciated,
>    Regards
>    vbg

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