[rt-users] RT2-to-RT3 migration lost ticket data and status change issues

Brian Friday brian.friday at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 17:14:15 EST 2008

On Dec 31, 2008, at 1:31 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote:

>> Actually I did, latest, though I guess I could be more clear and
>> said SVN version as well.
> I don't trust 'latest' as a version number since people occasionally
> download the
> incredibly old version on downloads.bestpractical.com rather than the
> version, and I fixed quite a bit for the CPAN version.

As I found when I went searching for this originally.

>> The status exists in the dumped tickets but that status is not
>> maintained in the dumpfile to rt3
>> push rather all resolved tickets are pushed back to new a status we
>> did not have in RT2.
> The only change made to Status during the dumpfile -> rt3 script is
> that if the status
> is dead it is changed to deleted.

Status is definitely not dead

> Have you verified the output by using Storable to reinflate one of the
> stored ticket files?

Without sample code I'd hazard a guess you've lost me regarding what  
or how you wish me to use storable.

> If so, please send along the content (feel free to strip the
> subject and anonymise
> the other data) seeing the hash that ends up in the file would help me
> make
> suggestions, since the Status field is a rather straightforward copy
> across the
> versions.

I had thought so as well but in RT2 we are using status variables  
which do not exist in RT3 and had to be
added. The comment section of that portion of the SiteConfig indicates  
the existing status's can not be removed.

I've sent a off list message containing a sample ticket santized but  
which shows up as resolved in our current database, resolved in the  
ticket dumpfile but new in the RT3 instance. I have also attached  
screenshots of the ticket in the new RT instance showing that the last  
transaction was to resolve the ticket but yet it was imported as new.

- Brian

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