[rt-users] RT 3.6 requires two or three logins with firefox and IE

Alexandr Ciornii alexchorny at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 09:57:45 EST 2008


2008/1/3, Kenneth Crocker <KFCrocker at lbl.gov>:
>         I agree with Stephen. How did you come across this as the answer or
> what led you to look at this as a possible answer?

Considering that currently I'm the Apache::Session maintainer... :)

Apache::Session from 1.83 checks file lock failures, so I saw that
someone posted error logs here.

> On 1/2/2008 1:38 PM, Stephen Turner wrote:
> > At Sunday 12/30/2007 08:26 PM, Alexandr Ciornii wrote:
> >
> >> Did you tried adding 'Transaction' argument when creating session?
> >> Patch is attached.
> >
> > Well I'm amazed - we've had this problem for years (3.4.2 and older) and
> > I've seen no solutions posted until now. But this patch seems to solve
> > the problem. Thanks Alexandr - what exactly does the Transaction arg do
> > to solve this?

By default Apache::Session does read lock and escalates to write lock
when necessary. 'Transaction' does write lock at session start. This
has disadvantages, it will require other processes to wait before this
process will finish. Ideally, 'Transaction' should be only for
processes that will modify session data.

Alexandr Ciornii, http://chorny.net

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