[rt-users] RT 3.6 requires two or three logins with firefox and IE

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 3 10:21:40 EST 2008

At Thursday 1/3/2008 10:08 AM, Patterson, Craig wrote:
>As I'm about to apply this patch, I have one question.  Will the patch
>be implemented in the next release of RT? I'm on 3.6.4 with no plans of
>upgrading in the near future, so basically, what I'm asking is, should I
>move the SetupSessionCookie file to my local directory, or just apply it
>to the version in the shared folder?  I don't want to only apply it in
>the shared folder, forget about it, only to have that issue come up the
>next time I upgrade.


You should definitely make a local copy and modify that. You'll still 
possibly have to re-apply the change when you upgrade, if it hasn't 
made it to the official release.

Good luck,

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