[rt-users] UPDATE sessions query

Mathew theillien at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 22:44:26 EST 2008

Good luck.  I've been trying to figure this out myself with little help.

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Dan Stilts wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are running into a problem with one of our Queues which has around
> ~12,000 new and open tickets in it. When clicking on the Queue from the
> 'Queues I administer' it finds 12,122 tickets (at the moment), which is
> fine and that page comes up nice and speedy (as speedy as expected with
> that many tickets found anyway). The problem comes up when clicking on
> any of the tickets on that resulting page though. Average time to
> display the page is around 15-20 seconds.
> I enabled mysql logging so I could see what is going on when I click on
> one of those tickets and it ends up resulting in about a 1MB  "UPDATE
> sessions SET a_session =" query being performed. Then each time you go
> "Back" to the results page and click on another ticket, it has to update
> that session again.
> I understand the reason this is so large is because it's storing the
> information about those ~12k tickets so you can do your First, Last,
> Previous and Next's when you go into that ticket.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for something I can do speed this up?
> Or is there an easy way to place a hard limit of the number of results
> stored in the session?
> I would think file based sessions would speed this up, but unfortunately
> that won't work for us as we are running two RT servers in a round robin
> setup, so the session would invalid depending on which server they ended
> up on during each new page.
> System info:
> RT 3.6.4 (also tried 3.6.6RC2, but no improvement)
> MySQL 5.0.22
> Apache 2.2.3
> DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.50
> Thanks!
> -Dan
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