[rt-users] UPDATE sessions query

Dan Stilts dstilts at gaiaonline.com
Fri Jan 4 19:06:04 EST 2008

Hi All,

We are running into a problem with one of our Queues which has around 
~12,000 new and open tickets in it. When clicking on the Queue from the 
'Queues I administer' it finds 12,122 tickets (at the moment), which is 
fine and that page comes up nice and speedy (as speedy as expected with 
that many tickets found anyway). The problem comes up when clicking on 
any of the tickets on that resulting page though. Average time to 
display the page is around 15-20 seconds.

I enabled mysql logging so I could see what is going on when I click on 
one of those tickets and it ends up resulting in about a 1MB  "UPDATE 
sessions SET a_session =" query being performed. Then each time you go 
"Back" to the results page and click on another ticket, it has to update 
that session again.

I understand the reason this is so large is because it's storing the 
information about those ~12k tickets so you can do your First, Last, 
Previous and Next's when you go into that ticket.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something I can do speed this up? 
Or is there an easy way to place a hard limit of the number of results 
stored in the session?

I would think file based sessions would speed this up, but unfortunately 
that won't work for us as we are running two RT servers in a round robin 
setup, so the session would invalid depending on which server they ended 
up on during each new page.

System info:

RT 3.6.4 (also tried 3.6.6RC2, but no improvement)
MySQL 5.0.22
Apache 2.2.3
DBIx::SearchBuilder 1.50



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