[rt-users] Unowned tickets missing

Hoogstraten, Ton Ton.Hoogstraten at ingram.nl
Tue Jan 8 08:03:38 EST 2008

Hi All,
Hopefully a simple question. I'm running RT 3.6.5 with several queues.
It came to my attention that it appears that the newest unowned tickets
listing is shared among all queues. This is giving me the following
In queue X there are currently 2 tickets unowned. These tickets got
created last. In queue Y there are 20 tickets unowned. A user with
access to queue X only has her ticket display configured to display 10
unowned tickets. She currently does not see any unowned tickets for her
queue X because the tickets in queue Y got created first. If she
increases her unowned ticket display to 30 she sees the 2 unowned
Is there a way to make sure that the unowned tickets are listed only for
the queues a user has access to? Increasing the row number displayed
works but I don't see that as a good solution.
Kind regards,
Ton Hoogstraten
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