[rt-users] Adium Xtra Script and RT

Scott Sherrill scott at remc1.org
Tue Jan 8 10:53:23 EST 2008

I realize this maybe a very small minority of the RT users out there but:

* If you use RT (duh)
* If you use a Mac
* If you use Adium for chat

I wrote a quick Adium Xtra that when entering a ticket number returns
the url for the ticket in your RT system.

For example in Adium entering /rt{1234} will return:


In our office, we share ticket numbers over IM frequently and its just a
time savings for both sender and receiver to have the direct url.

I am posting the Xtra to the Adium website soon.  If you can't wait
email me and I will send direct.  You will need to configure it for your

Open the zip file.
Right click (or control-click) the file rt.AdiumScripts and choose Show
Package Contents

Double click the file Contents/Resources/rt.scpt

It should open up Script Editor.
replace myurl in the line that says:

set parms to "http://myurl/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=" & rtnumber

with your url.

Save and close.

Double click rt.AdiumScripts to install.

If you double clicked first... right click the rt.AdiumScripts that was
copied to your Library/Application Support/Adium folder and pick up the
directions from there.

Again I recognize the potential audience will be small, but if anyone
finds it useful you are welcome to it.


Scott Sherrill

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