[rt-users] Issues with AdminCCs

Braam van Heerden Braam.van.Heerden at conversant.co.za
Wed Jan 9 04:06:51 EST 2008

Some more information I gathered after playing with a ticket a bit

1) If I manually add an AdminCC or CC it shows in the web interface
2) If I reply to a ticket, the AdminCC's does not get notified

It seems the system notifies everyone that is AdminCCs when a ticket 
gets created, then forgets about them. 

If I use the query from 
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/GetWatcherInfoByTicket I get only the 
Requestor and Owner info back.

Thanks :)

Braam van Heerden

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> Subject: [rt-users] Issues with AdminCCs
> Greetings,
> I recently upgraded my RT from 3.4.5 to 3.6.5 and moved it to 
> another machine at the same time.
> On the old machine I had everyone in the support department 
> set to AdminCC's for the queue.  With the move we decided to 
> change it, and I set up a notification scrip instead.  Today 
> my boss wanted the AdminCC's reinstated, so I went to 
> Watchers on the queue and added some support staff as 
> AdminCCs to the queue.
> When a new ticket gets created it notifies them correctly, 
> however in the Web UI under the Ticket's People tab I can 
> only see the Requestor, not the AdminCCs.
> Any help resolving this would be appreciated.
> Thanks :)
> Braam van Heerden
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